Past events

In addition to monthly bowling each year, we have previously arranged the following events for our members.

td>Dec 2019 td>Dec 2019 td>Feb 2020
April 2005 York Yorvik Viking Museum
June 2005 Edinburgh Castle and Zoo
August 2005 Whitby/Scarborough
December 2006 Christmas party Paris Texas Pizza Restaurant
September 2010 Durham Museum of Archaeology & St Nicholas Cathedral
October 2010 Alnwick Alnwick gardens
December 2010 Christmas lunch
March 2011 York
August 2011 Whitby
September 2011 60th birthday meal
December 2011 Christmas lunch
December 2012 Christmas lunch
October 2012 Tyne River Cruise
June 2013 Cinema (Man of Steel)
July 2013 Lake District
July 2013 Cinema (The Worlds End)
Aug 2013 Cinema (Grown Ups 2)
Aug 2013 York
Oct 2013 Cinema (Rush)
Oct 2013 Cinema (Bad Grandpa)
Dec 2013 Cinema (The Counsellor)
Dec 2013 Tyne Theatre (Sleeping Beauty)
Dec 2013 Christmas Lunch (The Gate)
Jan 2014 Cinema (American Hustle)
Feb 2014 Cinema (Lone Survivor)
April 2014 Cinema (Monuments Men)
April 2014 Social Event (The Junction Newcastle)
May 2014 Cinema (Bad Neighbours)
May 2014 Social Event (The Junction)
June 2014 Cinema (A Million Ways To Die In The West)
June 2014 Social Event (The Junction)
July 2014 Social Event (The Junction)
July 2014 Cinema (Mrs Brown)
July 2014 Theatre Royal (Grease)
Aug 2014 Cinema (Inbetweeners 2)
Sept 2014 Social Event (The Goose)
Sept 2014 Cinema (A Man Most Wanted)
Oct 2014 Sage Gateshead (The Hollies)
Oct 2014 Cinema (71)
Nov 2014 Theatre Royal (The Full Monty)
Nov 2014 Sage Gateshead (Sixties Gold)
Nov 2014 Empire Cinema (Fury)
Nov 2014 Theatre Royal (Snow White)
Dec 2014 Christmas Meal (The Junction)
Dec 2014 Empire Cinema (The Imitation Game)
Jan 2015 Empire Cinema (Wild)
Feb 2015 Theatre Royal (The Curious Incident of The Dog)
Feb 2015 Empire Cinema (Kingsman)
March 2015 Empire Cinema (Run All Night)
May 2015 Empire Cinema (Spooks)
May 2015 Sunderland Empire Theatre (The Producers)
May 2015 Trip To York
June 2015 Sunderland Empire Theatre (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels)
June 2015 Empire The Gate (Spy)
July 2015 Theatre Royal (Annie)
July 2015 Empire The Gate (Ted 2)
July 2015 Theatre Royal (Sister Act)
Aug 2015 Empire The Gate (Best School Trip Ever)
Aug 2015 Beamish Museum
Sept 2015 Theatre Royal (Jesus Christ Superstar)
Sept 2015 Empire The Gate (Everest)
Oct 2015 Empire The Gate (Sicario)
Nov 2015 Empire The Gate (Spectre)
Nov 2015 Theatre Royal (Dick Whittington)
Dec 2015 Christmas Lunch (The Junction)
Jan 2016 Theatre Royal (Hairspray)
Feb 2016 Empire The Gate (Triple 9)
March 2016 AGM (The Junction)
March 2016 Empire The Gate (10 Cloverfield Lane)
March 2016 Theatre Royal (Guys And Dolls)
April 2016 Empire The Gate (The Eagle)
May 2016 York
May 2016 Theatre Royal (Heartbeat)
July 2016 Empire The Gate (Tarzan)
Sept 2016 Theatre Royal (Mary Poppins)
Nov 2016 Empire The Gate
Nov 2016 Theatre Royal (Beauty & The Beast)
Dec 2016 Theatre Royal (Cinderella)
Dec 2016 Christmas Meal (The Junction)
Dec 2016 Empire The Gate (Almost Christmas)
Jan 2017 Empire The Gate (Live By Night)
Feb 2017 City Hall (Totally Tina)
Feb 2017 Empire The Gate (Hacksaw Ridge)
March 2017 AGM (The Junction)
March 2017 Empire The Gate (King Kong)
May 2017 Theatre Royal (Out of Order)
June 2017 Empire The Gate (Baywatch)
June 2017 Edinburgh Trip
July 2017 Theatre Royal (The Railway Children)
Aug 2017 CiniWorld Cinema (Dunkirk)
Oct 2017 Theatre Royal (Grease)
Oct 2017 City Hall (Rod Stewart)
Oct 2017 City Hall (The Meatloaf Story)
Nov 2017 City Hall (Elvis World Tour)
Nov 2017 City Hall (Abba)
Dec 2017 Christmas Lunch (The Junction)
Dec 2017 Theatre Royal (Peter Pan)
Jan 2018 CiniWorld Cinema (Downsized)
March 2018 City Hall (Buddy)
March 2018 AGM (The Junction)
March 2018 Tyne Theatre & Opera House (Beauty & The Beast)
April 2018 City Hall (Jason Manford)
June 2018 Theatre Royal (Love From a Stranger)
July 2018 York Trip
Aug 2018 Theatre Royal (Jersey Boys)
Sept 2018 City Hall (Simon & Garfunkel)
Oct 2018 The Juction (Meal Social Evening)
Oct 2018 Tyne Theatre & Opera House (Elvis Years)
Oct 2018 City Hall (Neil Diamond)
Nov 2018 City Hall (Queen)
Dec 2018 City Hall (Magic of Mowtown)
Dec 2018 Theatre Royal (Golidilocks & The three Bears)
March 2019 City Hall (The Dubliners)
April 2019 City Hall (The Drifters)
April 2019 AGM (The Junction)
May 2019 Theatre Royal (Greatest Showman)
June 2019 Theatre Royal (Mowtown Musical)
July 2019 Scarborough Trip
July 2019 Theatre Royal (The Bodyguard)
Aug 2019 Theatre Royal (Rocky Horror Show)
Aug 2019 The Gate Cinema (One a upon a time in Hollywood)
Sept 2019 City Hall (Rhod Gilbert)
Sept 2019 Beamish Trip
Oct 2019 City Hall (Islands in Stream)
Christmas Lunch (The Junction)
Theatre Royal (Beauty & The beast)
Theatre Royal (Mama Mia)


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Jim Fergus

Jim Fergus was the founder of Awakenings which started in 2004, and became the Treasurer for the organisation, he worked extremely hard over the years to make sure the project ran smoothly, he was a great asset to the group and will be sadly missed by all his friends and family.